Sales Fluency

A complete guide on how to write powerful sales copies that persuades customers to take action instantly.

Ever since I jumped into online business, I have been wondering why people can’t sell their products online.

Most of these small business owners have the best products, the best email marketing strategy, the best Facebook advertising strategies, the best Ads video/image and bla bla bla. But yet, they cannot sell.

You’re probably one of these small business owners.

You always try to figure things out. Wondering whether selling online is magic, if all the sales tips by experts are just fallacy, and whether if there’s nothing yet existing like 10x sales online or sell like crazy.

Jumping from different tips, hacks and secrets to another.

Today, I want to tell you where you’re lagging behind…

I want to remind you what you’re already practicing but you don’t know how effective it’s on the sales that you can make.

You don’t know how powerful your words are. Yes! You lack how to effectively communicate with your customers.

You totally don’t have what I called “SALES FLUENCY”

Wait! I know you can speak English fluently and you can communicate with people properly. But how about the storyline that your customers need to hear from you before they buy. 

The story that can touch their pain point and trigger them to buy. The story that can mellow their brain to take action fast.

That’s why you need to master SALES FLUENCY!

Over the last weekend, I spent time on zoom teaching business owners how I come up with fast sales copy ideas.

I always spend time trying to help my clients lay a good foundation before jumping on sales copies.

Because I believe that sales copy is like cooking, without all the ingredients available and properly applied, the result of the food (sales copy) won’t be appealing.

And almost immediately we start the introduction, you’ll see the real reason why they are struggling with sales copy.

I realized something that I’ll now call a general challenge most business owners have.

I’m sure you have this challenge as well.

And that’s why you’re here.

Sure, you find it difficult to craft sales copies because you believe that you’re not a good writer, you’re camera shy, you’re not super smart.

Those could be a problem but not the real problem.

Let’s say you are down with malaria, that’s a problem but there’s a cause for it.

It could be that you’ve been so busy focusing on your business growth or struggling to hit your next sales target to the extent that you neglected your health.

Your eating habit, your environment, etc

Treating malaria as a sickness and neglecting the cause will not produce a perfect result.

Fixing the surface challenge without a clear understanding of the cause will not help YOU.

So here’s one of the root causes why you might be struggling with sales copy.

You have no clear understanding of your target audience.

You believe that what you do or sell is for everyone.

Not everyone is your audience, even if you’re targeting a particular gender, every person in the gender is still not your audience.

From this angle, we believe that hair making (wigs, weavon) is for women, but some women choose to cut hair, some their religious belief is not in support of it, some are “Miss. natural”😄.

And as a hair vendor who believes that every woman needs human hair and you create content talking to every woman, your content will get a little result.

The same thing applies to digital products or coaching. Despite that, we all want to learn. Truth is, not in every niche or industry.

So here’s how you can clarify your target audience

To have a clear picture of your target audience, you must do three things.

  1. Know their personality 
  2. The desire they’re eagerly searching for
  3. The roadblock why they’re yet to achieve it.

The first one could be a general trait, like gender, or career but the desire and roadblock are what separates them.

Let’s make it more practical….

My target audience is small business owners and e-commerce entrepreneurs that want to increase their sales and hit their monthly revenue with powerful sales copies.

Especially those that sell physical and digital products on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. Also, a couple of coaches that are using email marketing to 10x their sales with an auto-pilot system.

I hope this is clear to you?

With the example given, clarify your target audience right away. Understand how to craft and pitch to them without being salesy.

This is the perfect time to get this problem solved. Master how to write sales copies the right way. 

Become expert at converting strangers into high paying customers instantly. Learn how to “SELL NOW” by grabbing my sales fluency NOW! NOW!!!


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10. Conclusion

Why Do People Blog and Benefits of Blogging Each individual blogger has their own motivation for blogging. Many of them use it as an alternative to keeping a diary or journal.

Blogging provides them with a venue to share their creativity and ideas to a wider audience. Top brands and businesses create blogs to educate their customers, share news, and reach a wider audience. Blogging is an essential part of online marketing strategy for many businesses.


Digital LIfestyle Ebook

DIGITAL LIFESTYLE is complete guide on how to transform yourself from a job seeker, street hustler to online marketing entrepreneur.

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Many have made a decision to learn online skills and market themselves online because the skills don’t require years of experience before YOU can profit online.

Unlike what we used to hear about job requirements, usually titled for only applicants that have 5-10 years experience.

This is so funny!

Most of the applicants looking for JOB IN NIGERIA are people of my level (young graduates) who want to unleash the 4-5 years spent in their various universities by getting a white collar job.

But the challenge here is, after grabbing the certificate we realized that the job is for BIG BOYS that has connections while the STREET HUSTLE is no longer paying like before due to advancements in technology.

This is the reason WHY many have turned to the internet and social media to grind. Here again we encountered the most critical challenges.

👉🏼We were not been taught how to leverage social media and the internet to profit online in schools.

👉🏼And also, we find it difficult to connect with experts that will teach us all the skills needed to start a successful online business.

I WAS smelling this experience and I knew that we would come to this point. Hence, I STARTED MY ONLINE BUSINESS IN 2016 when I was in 200 Level [studying Architecture] at Bayero University kano.

Today, I want to share my whole lot of experiences in digital marketing with YOU.

I WANT YOU to develop a shifted mindset from job seeking and street hustling to becoming an online marketing entrepreneur.

DIGITAL LIFESTYLE is my secret sauce ebook where I share the juicy part of my online marketing and my PROFITABLE BUSINESS MODEL recommended for you to leverage even if you don’t have any products to sell online.

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