About Me

I help small business owners real estate agents and e-commerce entrepreneurs with proven marketing strategy and winning Facebook advertising tactics that guarantees return on investment (ROI) within a calculated timeframe.

About Me

Well, I am Bilal Abdullahi by name, digital architect and the brain-box behind campus entrepreneurs hub. A blog where I share my in-depth knowledge in business and marketing. Working with 6 dedicated team members.

You see, as they used to say:


I have never believed to settle down for less, my dreams and wishes is to make liquid figures without working for anybody.

Back then in my 200 level (2016) I was running my undergraduate program at Bayero University Kano grinding the field of architecture.

I knew that my field of studies will pay me well after graduation with a few years of practice.

But how long will I be WAITING for that dream to come true.

So, I started having a SHIFTED MINDSET about LIQUID FIGURES. I have to convince myself that, it’s not when I work for somebody I will earn.

Eventually, I jumped onto the INTERNET trying to hustle online, trying to figure things out myself.

I landed on blogging and gave it a try and ever since I have been making consistent LIQUID FIGURES from my blog.

In 2018, I discovered a PROFITABLE ONLINE BUSINESS MODEL which basically elaborates how someone can effectively SELL physical products online and bank LIQUID FIGURES without stress or begging customers to patronize YOU!

I have leveraged my online presence to work with different e-commerce brands, real estate firms in Nigeria as Facebook advertising specialist.

One of the prime goals of advertising is to reach the right people as affordably as possible. The good thing about Facebook advertising is that it gives you full control of who can be targeted and how much money is spent. 

The platform has over 2.7 billion active users and endless advertising opportunities. But surprisingly, most businesses who try Facebook ads fail to produce considerable returns and then blame the platform.

 Did you know that over 6 million businesses are using Facebook ads to get their message across? 

Most people fail to make Facebook ads work for them because they don’t truly understand their target audience. As a result, they end up using the wrong placement for Facebook ads and they never meet their ideal customer where they are — leaving everyone unfulfilled. 

Entrepreneurs, business coaches, realtors,  influencer, and marketers typically use Facebook ads in their early days and quickly conclude that the platform isn’t the right place to focus. 

One way to get people to click your ads is to put the ads in front of the right people in the first place.

Why would anyone click on your ads if they aren’t interested in your products or services? 

So, if you want to get the most bang for your buck when advertising on Facebook, I will help you set up your Ads to target the right people at the right times with the right expectations.  

I will optimize your campaigns to dramatically lower your Facebook ad costs by crafting the perfect audience for your business or brand.

And once you have the ideal audience crafted, you can spend less on advertising and make more money in return, while reaching more people and making a bigger impact online.

Here’s how we can achieve your real estate advertising goal together:

I will set up your Facebook Ads manager, create and optimize your campaigns, create highly targeted interest-based audience, custom audience and lookalike audience with similar interest, behavior and demographic of initial custom audiences.

I will install your Facebook Ads pixel for website event tracking and also verify and connect your website domain with event manager which will give you a great edge to show your Ads to iPhone users that opted out from iOS 14 device tracking.

I will write powerful Facebook Ad copies that resonate with your customer avatar, explain their pain point and dramatically persuade your target audience to instantly take your desired action which could be leads generation and conversion.

My job is to set up and optimize all your Facebook campaigns from start to finish while you run your campaigns the right way.

Imagine having all your campaigns set up for you and your work is to “one-click” and turn “ON” your Ads whenever you want to launch a campaign. This will help you to save time, energy and money while you run profitable Ads on the go!

I really understand that clear communication leads to a successful project. Therefore, I give more priority on understanding my clients objective and work ethics before I jump on any project related to Facebook and Instagram advertising.

You can get in touch and let’s start your project instantly.

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