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Discover a non-rocket-science system to create, optimize and run profitable Facebook Ads to prospect, nurture and close more sales than you have ever did before, using my 3-step Ad magnet that works with just 3 campaigns. No more 5-10 A/B testing and heck few to zero conversions.

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Even if you're total newbie: You will instantly get access to over 23 video guides that practically explains all the technical aspects for setting up your Facebook advertising account + example of successful campaigns in different industries.

About Me

Well, I am Bilal Abdullahi by name, digital architect and the brain-box behind campus entrepreneurs hub. A blog where I share my in-depth knowledge in business and marketing. Working with 6 dedicated team members.

You see, as they used to say:


I have never believed to settle down for less, my dreams and wishes is to make liquid figures without working for anybody.

Back then in my 200level (2016) I was running my undergraduate program at Bayero University Kano grinding the field of architecture.

I knew that my field of studies will pay me well after graduation with a few years of practice.

But how long will I be WAITING for that dream to come true.

Years of Experience

Student Trained

My Experience

I got into the blogosphere around 2016, I was literally searching for ways I could actually make money online. I glanced through many articles I could find online, mostly written by Nigerian bloggers.

Well, I realized that if I want to succeed in the business of blogging and e-commerce I need to first commit myself to learning full time. So, eventually I learnt so much, did a lot of researches, attended webinars, got some paid online materials, courses and eBooks to broaden my knowledge on

the whole blogging and e-commerce  business. In a nutshell, I was fully prepared and ready for the blogging and e-commerce world and I took every lesson serious. 

Eventually, I have helped a certain number of young aspiring entrepreneurs, small business owners and e-commerce entrepreneurs with my little knowledge in business, advertising and marketing.


Facebook Ads Expert

It’s believed that customer is the lifeblood of every business. Knowing your customer avatar, audience interest and understanding how to launch a profitable Facebook advertising campaign is the key to every successful business. I have help small business owners, network marketers, affiliate marketers and realtors with a scalable Facebook Ads campaign that guarantees ROI within a calculated timeframe.


Ecom Coach & Consultant

I have deployed some strategies from advance to the next stages about big concepts that just won’t fit in a single resource. Yes, I have spoken [on stages] about the challenges, struggles, and problems related to building your online store, marketing your brand, and serving customers and how to overcome them.


Strategic Email Marketer

Today’s email tools employ brilliant marketing automation. By sending emails automatically triggered based on what customers do or don’t buy, or when they do or don’t return, you’ll ensure that each customer gets the right message at the right time resulting in more sales, more often. I have built a loyal community, die-hard fans and crushing customers by leveraging email marketing with just my smartphone.


SEO & Content Marketer

The journey begins in 2016 learning from industry experts and implementing the tips, guides and advice from a well-grounded e-commerce expert [Jonathan Melody] in Nigeria. I have deployed profitable content marketing strategy in different startups and e-commerce stores for both my local and foreign clients.

Crush on it and come to my DM to share your testimony. I love when my students share their results with me and I would love you to be among them today. Learn more About this course.


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The power of sales is in your hand if you enroll into Coach Bilal’s Facebook Ads Masterclass. Online advertising is not just a process that you can use to try out your luck on sales but it can also become a skill if you know how to dramatically run profitable campaigns. This is what Coach Bilal wants to give you, a skill and tool for massive sales. In his Facebook ads masterclass, you'll realized that Facebook ads are not a thing of luck but a tool for making sales and generating leads at will. And this is why I recommend Coach Bilal's Facebook ads mentorship to small business owners. I’m 100% sure that after his successful training you will have the power of sales in your hand.
John Emenike
Ecom Entrepreneur
The beauty of the internet is you can sell to most people on the planet right now. If you find the right offer and right audience you can generate a lot of sales quickly with Facebook Ads — this is something I was able to experienced from Bilal after reading his e-commerce review book. Then I signed up for Complete E-commerce Masterclass. Bilal is your best coach and I recommend him to everyone looking forward to starting a successful e-commerce business and also leverage Facebook Advertising to generate more profits.
Emily Mathew
CEO, Fella Collection
After having one-on-one coaching with Bilal, I literally just opened a Shopify account, created my store, added a few hot selling products. I didn’t do a lot of research because I found a detailed step-by-step guide from the guru. E-commerce business requires very little capital and allows you to experiment a lot. I have been using his Facebook Ads conversion hack to prospect, nurture and close more customers with just three Facebook campaigns. I simply learned all these from Coach Bilal. Value is a promise as he used to say. This is what I love about him the most.
Emannuel Godwin
CEO, Mooddy Stores
Bilal have been helping me to push out my products and sell in bulk with Facebook advertising massively. If you want to learn e-commerce business and profitable Facebook advertising that guarantees sales meet my pikin ooo. Small boy with big brain. Take advantage on his offers anytime you see him.
Mommy Joy

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Discover a non-rocket-science system to create, optimize and run profitable Facebook Ads to prospect, nurture and close more sales than you ever made before, using my 3-step Ad magnet that works with just 3 campaigns.

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